Choosing WordPress CMS For Your Business Website

business website on WP CMSA business called us from London, London UK he wanted a solution for his upcoming corporate business website. He had already talked to several website agencies & designers he was confused between available CMS  like Weebly, WIX, Godaddy Website Builder, Squarespace, & WordPress.

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Online Website Builder

Starting with business websites is challenging for small business. The market is crowded with at least half a dozen online website builders. Each one claiming the best with the features. We have an experience on reviewing these builders. Our review list includes Weebly, WIX, Godaddy Website Builder, Squarespace, & WordPress.

We Choose WordPress CMS for your Business Website

We have zeroed down on WordPress on various parameters. most important features are easiness to use WordPress. As a business, there are challenges on various fronts. It is time-consuming for business to evaluate & learn new tools. WordPress has a lot of tools & help available on youtube as well.

We gave just two reasons to finalize him on choosing the WordPress CMS.

a) Simplicity: Being most used means it is simple & easy to use.

When it comes to website applications it is easy to get overwhelmed & confused. But WordPress has simple UI. Once can easily create navigation, pages or blog post. It just takes 10 minutes to explore the videos available to understand how it works. We would recommend starting with a creating new page.

b) Ecosystem: Being most used means it has the widely available ecosystem that has flourished around that product.Which means there are ample amount of people who have knowledge about the WordPress. which makes easy & cost effective for business. Further, this availability means a lot of tools or hosting options are available.

Small business, freelancer, SOHO’s are already crowded with the various tasks web site being an important tool for most business that has to be easy & fast. To further add WordPress powers nearly 25% of world website so you can be assured that you are in the correct hands. In case if you are confused if you need a website or not you can check these reasons here

In case if you ready to go for  Wordpress CMS for your next website development you check our service page we have gone ahead put down theme details & features you may require for your next website project. Once you have gone by making sure to get back to us with contact details

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Website Designer vs Website Builder – Are You Confused Business

desiger-buliderA Client from Florida called me stating he is confused & overwhelmed if he should be looking to hire a website designer from India or using DIY Cheap website builders available all over the Internet.He said his existing website hosting provider was actively promoting the website builders.

Let me go with cheap website builders

He further stated he had already tried WIX, Godaddy Builders & Squarespace. He stated he was impressed with templates & drag/drop was looking great earlier. But at the end he was really confused with builders. so he had approached us if we could help with it. Well it is not just a particular business faces a problem but most business faces this as a problem. Most people opt for the cheap looking approach that is going for the DIY Website Builders.

Problem with Website builders

Problem with website builders is website that should look professional end up looking cookie cutter, un-professional. Most important you end up losing a valuable brand image & time.So when it comes to your business look’s where sales have to be done or leads have to be captured you need to hire a professional website designer that can coordinate your website project to your requirement. If required guide you on website marketing.

So when should you hire a website designer

You can identify your business need before you hire a website designer. Just put down some points that you can give to website designer as scope of your requirement.

Say for example here is scope of dental website would be like this

01: Attractive website design
02: Talk about services we offer
03: People should be able to ask questions
04: Google Map for locations
05: Ability to ask for appointments
06: Mailing list integration for sending coupons or newsletters

You can draft a similar scope for your business on the above guidelines. Send it to website designer asking us about similar work he has done. This will give you the idea of various things like previous work the designer has done, communication skills, if required give a call to website designer ask few questions about your project or other projects he has done.

5 things you should be talking with website designer when hiring

  • Existing portfolio
  • Which CMS do they plan to use
  • Budget and hidden cost if any
  • Copyrights who has it what
  • Final deliverable file format should be editable
  • Do they have maintenance plans

CMS is the most important thing you should be talking about. Which CMS you should be using & why they plan to use the one. Well we at makeyoursoftware prefer using WordPress. We consider WordPress CMS ideal for business of all sizes. WordPress has huge ecosystem around it lot of website designer & developers are easily available. With CMS you get a power to handle day to day requirements of website yourselves. So make sure your website designer has included CMS Integration in the proposal. Make sure it is popular as WordPress.

Talk to your web site frankly about the cost, give your idea or scope of your budget. Be clear that should not be hidden cost involved. Ask them how will they handle modifications or changes if any. Will they provide copyrights for the file & logos in the editable format so that you can use it for later modification. Most important do they have maintenance plans that covers your backup, minor modifications & other update which may be required.

So when you are looking your business website you should not be settling for cheap website design options but affordable website design option, that makes a sense. Send us your business website scope we can work out the win-win proposal for your business.

Need A Website

Need a business website imageMost business while they approach us are still trying to figure out if they need a website.

A business from SanDiego approached us asking if they need a website they are evaluating:
eek! 2017 – Still evaluating, Well it good you should always ask



As a business you need to always ask this question frequently:

Most small business juggle between their daily business requirements & urgent stuff. So most business put the most important needed marketing need “a website” to last priority.

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question,

but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’

Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder)

A Website these days is no longer luxury item but these days a website means new business, more satisfied customers. Today with this post we try to help business who are self-evaluating their business needs.

It is 2017 People are using less yellow pages & more Internet to reach the business. Mobile searches have risen to all time high with trillion plus searches happening online. So there are lot of customer looking for the business online. It is more than ever…

Some business think when it comes to identity Facebook Page is enough, There you are already dominated by a powerful brand Facebook, It means you can easily be lost out in the crowd. So before you start promoting anywhere, get yourself an identity. Start with having the domain name, Look at this post we wrote 10 tips for a good domain name. Once you have great domain next thing is evaluating your requirement. Here are some points that can help reach & achieve your business goals

Reason 1# – Website Provides Permanent Identity

Website is your identity online. It is a place your customer can reach any time. It can showcase yourself, no matter how you have changed over the time. Your identity online gives trust to your customers. When you design, update, modify your website it enhances your identity:

When you have the strong identity – your stakeholders (vendors, employees, customers, contractors) trust you.

Reason 2# – Website Builds Your Brand & Exposes The Brand

As you create an identity. You also create brand for your business. Making it different & more trustworthy.

Website speaks for the business itself. If the website agency can put in the desired character of brand via colors, UI, Content & Call to action.

A properly crafted website can communicate to users more effectively, this can affect your business volume directly.

Reason 3# – Website is 24/7

Website being online it is 24/7:

Your customers can reach your business any time, they can see your product and services. They can further explore as well. More the descriptive you are more it will benefit you.

In short website is at work even when you are not.

Reason 4# – Reach

Website has the ability to reach places & to the people whom you can not think of reaching otherwise. Most important these customers can reach you in their comfort. With reach increasing you can even sell products to customers online.

Reason 5# – Sell Online

With audience growing bigger selling online is a great extension for existing business. This is dream come true for most business with low investments you can have a website that sell online & takes payments. Company like sell billion dollars+ worth of goods all over the world.

Here are another set of reason you can do with your website

  • Have a online brochure
  • save your money & time
  • Get customer feedback
  • Sell online
  • Get Donations
  • Educate customers
  • Support your customers
  • Marketing online

With reach you can have section on website to gather feedback, booked an appointment, get donations, provide more effective support, educate customers, ask for testimonial or referral. You just need to be creative with your reach so you can serve prospects & existing customer equally in better way.

You still need reasons if you need a website

Well with the above list gives you enough reasons to have a website for yourself or your business. Just get in touch with us we can help you with website packages & custom business need of yours.

Contact us for your Business Website .

Once you ready to make your website, next thing is required is to choose Website Hosting, Website Platform (eg: WordPress)& Website Budget you would like to work with. We recommend to talk to professional vendors like ours, so that you have technical expertise & direct help in choosing the platform. Vendor like ours has 15+ years of experience in helping business to create a website.


Stop Now – Do not register a domain name before you check these 10 Tips

10 Tips for Domain Name RegistrationWe had received a call this morning from a customer in Dallas,Tx . He was planning to register a domain name. He just wanted to do it at any cost. It was really hard for me stop him & ask him to check our private checklist we had developed with our experience.

When it comes to starting online internet business website or e-commerce website, first thing that comes into mind is domain name or dot com you would like to register. some people do not give a thought while registering a domain name. Most people are inclined towards one particular point making domain name fragile for your business.

Online business are very different when it comes to selecting name for the business.Selecting a domain name is life line of the internet business as it is brand name , It is responsible for the SEO , It is responsible for recall value.So selecting domain name is important. Here is our internal checklist we use while registering the domain name. Domain name has massive impact when it comes to influence in click thru rates (CTR), Search Engine Traffic, Social Traffic, Referral Traffic & Type in Traffic.


Top 10 + Tips For  Domain Name Registration

This checklist has to be used with some business sense & not be followed blindly.

1 – Keep website/domain brand names small

To get a domain name that is small is rare these days, but new TLDs(.shop,.biz) have come up so you can get a small name as well. But again things have to be sensible.Classic example is of (Google) a name that has no meaning, but is small.This kind of domain name can be marketing challenge unless you have strategy to go after name & establish it business or consumers you are looking to get in touch with.

2 – Having a domain name that is easy to remember

It make a sense to have a domain name that has high recall value. Our own domain name (MakeYourSoftware) has high recall value with the customer, they remember it very well. So a name that is easy to remember does pays very well. Golden rules is to have domain name that have  great pronounceability & high memorability.

3 – Keep your service/product embedded in domain name

Having a product name or location in the domain is big plus. As google gives advantage to those domains with proper keyword & location in them. These are the keyword domains. So if you have strategy you can work around with it. If you want to target particular market then it is good idea to take exact product name. You can embed location as well if that benefits you while selling your product or service

4 – Prefer .com (We love it)

Well we already told you there are different TLDs available & now we are favoring “.com” that has been our personal favour, we have discovered that customers love .com , that are first thing they try. It is default key in mobile keyboards at times.So yes we give preference to it.

5 – Country-specific TLDs are next big thing (eg: or .in) 

Our second preference would be to go for country specific domain name like “.us” for American business or “.uk” for United Kingdom business. This also has it own advantage the customer in the specific country recognise it faster. Certain country makes it trustworthy. Like for example “.au” can be acquired only if you have business registration with govt of Australia.

6 – Make sure other TLDs are not used by competitors

Most people are so confident if they find a name that is interesting they rush as if they had just hit a gold mine. Get your self a control & check other domain name tlds are not registered with competitors. Else you would be working on the domain name only to realize that your other tlds are being used by another business. So give a time to check the best names.

7 – Taking multiple domain name does not help

Lot of business like to register multiple .tlds for same name. Unless you are particular for particular name the case is different else it is insane as there 10+ tlds available where user can register those names.So unless you have real good brand name & deep pockets you can go ahead & buy the domain name.You can use it just to secure the brand name.

8 – What should you look when taking Domain Name Registrars

There are several big domain registrar that you can go with. Some interface are bulky & Some of them are just up-sellers one product after another, they make it so hard to register. Here are five points you need to look into if you are going to have reasonable big list of domain name registration. You can same time if you have efficient domain name registrar.

  • Their interface should be easy to use
  • Easy to change contact information
  • Easy to change DNS/Name Server
  • Look for the renewal cost
  • Look for currency exchange fluctuation cost if you are in different country

9 – 4 Things you should not ignore once you have registered the domain name

  • Make sure you do not let domain expire, It is bad signal for google rankings
  • Make sure you do not let domain expire, certain domain registrars may charge extra as much as $75 for re-registration
  • Register domain for multiple years, it is positive for google rankings
  • Keep contact information correct while you register the domain name. At time certain companies used for the verification. Further legally it is good to have correct information.

10 – What is cost & renewal of domain name

Most of the domain name cost between $10 to 100, some of them domain name do cost higher also, but they are few tlds. There are some auction companies where you can buy expired domains or premium domains. Well we never advise such a thing unless the domain name is real great brand name. Occasionally we had advised as well. But that is rare.

11 – Take care of Trademarks

When registering domain name make sure your domain name does not infringe trademarks. So avoid infringing existing trademarks or confusing with existing trademarks. In case if you are a bit more adventurous we recommend using the legal advise before you go for it.

BE Creative ! Go for it.

Further if you need help with domain hosting, website for the domain , domain marketing strategy do let us know we would be glad to help you. We help business world wide with they online business strategy. If you are looking to hire a programmer or looking for custom portal website crafted in PHP look here.

6 Reasons : Why Medical Practice & Clinic’s Should Have Mobile Ready Website

Are you Doctor, Dentist, Surgeon – Running a practice or a clinic

Have you checked your clinic website is it mobile ready

medical website design imageMost Medical Practice & Clinic’s like Doctors, Dentist ignore the basic presence online when internet and mobile apps are spreading fast & most people are connected. Internet penetration is all time high. It is important to upgrade from traditional clinic approach to caring approach for your existing / new customers. Today major portion of population is on the smart phone seeking solutions & if your website is not mobile you could be miss a customer. Most patients expect their practitioners to have online visibility while they are reviewing the doctors.

Most Medical clinic / practice rely on Yelp or yellow pages listing, for which costs are growing every day & most important you are not building an asset for your practice. So ideal would be to have an online website with mobile readiness where a systematic approach to help patients contact for an appointment is there.

We at makeyoursoftware help clinic & practice to manage their website presence. We being a professional company focus on website that are result oriented website. Where as most ready made website template are good designs but are not marketing oriented website. We highly recommend to drop us email & talk to us about your requirement. We have medical practice clients in London, Ahmedabad, California, Scottsdale.

1) Online Visibility

A mobile ready website provides you visibility in front of patients who are looking online for reviews & easiness to approach. Seeing a link on yellow pages they move to your website and convert into a lead, else they remain on the yellow pages site scanning your competition or trying to find the one. Further your visibility remains under your control else one wrong review can effect your years of worthy practice. Do let it be take an action to start with initial mobile ready website presence. An ideal website would be where each page is planned strategically to convert for an appointment. Further an ideal website puts you in search engine as well. It does not ends here website should be connected with social platforms as well where ever possible based on target audience of yours.

2) Online Appointment Scheduling

It is must to have online appointment scheduling embedded on your website you start with simple form & once it grows third party apps or custom apps could be integrated. It is simple stuff most practitioners website lacks such basic feature. It is important proper placements call to action is mentioned on website to convert it well. Once you are confirmed with success of website. You can even talk to your friendly account manager to integrate with campaigns.

3) Options / Services you provide

Most people start explaining about services, that is fine, but first relate to pain your patient could be suffering. once you connect people tend to get comfortable and could easily convert to lead or appointment. Give them a reason to connect to you.

4) Testimonials

Testimonials are important to make users comfortable about your service. Some pictorials re-presentation of how you are practicing at hospital would make them glance of you and your medical center. Make sure to comply with the medical standards or complaints requirement.

5) Some More….

a) Easy Google Map Dir Directions
b) Social Presence on Facebook /Google Plus / LinkedIn or similar website
c) Paying Bills by Phone Apps
d) Maintain Blog – Search engine love content
e) Advertising online is cost effective

We understand you are busy practice or clinic, but you need to have proper marketing presence across various digital marketing channels. We at makeyoursoftware understand your requirement talking to us about requirement could open whole new way of looking at clients.

Check our website design packages , Get back to us for more information 

Website Maintenance – Do you have a plan


After lot of planning & man hours a website goes live. Lot of efforts is put from development, marketing side of the project.At times no proper handover is planned for the team who is going to take over the project.Clients normally handover to their team with new CMS in Places. An employee who is already loaded is with the work gets involved. He needs to learn the entire stuff & get it running. Whole lot of is at stake when it comes to caring or maintaining a website. Which seems to be extremely important task is totally ignored.

Website design & development today is complex it involves lot of different agencies working together. A small ecommerce website selling one product may involve front-end designer, website developer, website hosting, CDN service provider, Multiple API provider, Multiple open source plugin provider. So if any body updates chances of other provider flawing are equally high based on upgrade of others. We forgot the browsers upgrade in the above list. One could imagine if you are ignoring the website maintenance chances are you may be at extreme high risk. You are leaving your business open to flawed, that cost you in terms of SEO,User Experience, Missed Transaction , Goodwill & several other parameters.

Website maintenance – Ignore it you will pay heavy

Website maintenance or caring is required may it be small/medium or big website. The level of caring may be different based on the website.Based on the website has been developed it is required a proper agenda is prepared for the team taking care of the website project. It is recommend a proper report/checklist is developed to handle this tasks. Ignoring can leave loop pole in flow & cost of ignorance could be heavy. We have seen the website form failing on the website. After six months of the development , why a simple hosting service provider made a upgrade or CMS upgrade has put it to fault.

Small/Medium or Big website each one should have plan

Small website running Open source CMS like of wordpress, may require checking updates & updating plugins. It is common may it be open source development or custom development flaws are part of any operations. They have to be know and patched it fast.The time you need to spend may be less but it has to be spent. We recommend you receive a Maintenance report every month, so you know what has been done and if some thing is highlighted by maintenance team that need to be looked it could be taken care.

A bigger website may whole bigger agenda on the place for maintenance of the website.We recommend test entire flow including ecommerce transactions including payment gateway on regular intervals.

Check our common website maintenance checklist is just a guideline we recommend it get a plan prepared by our website development team. Feel free to get in to touch with us.