5 Steps To Start A Classified Ads Website


One of our friend Joe, from Seattle, was discussing the website project for the city. He is planning to start with the classified Ad website for the city. He was trying to figure out what he should be doing to start the successful website. Classified has been popular with print media but with the Internet expanding things has been moving online. The classified website is extremely popular with small business for marketing online. With the script like our, it has become easy to build the online classified website.


Before starting the classified website in your city you need to carry out research. Research the top players like gumtree or craigslist or it’s local newspaper classified website. Next, is researching which ads are the most popular or most posted this will give you an idea of market. Being a startup you should figure it out where to hit the most to get most out of it. This in more technical terms is also known as Niche marketing. Focus in a particular segment will help you to outrank the biggest.

Don’t get stuck up on the research phase, make notes move out of it fast. Remember if the market is competitive means there is maket to be in. You would never like to be in the isolated market.


Once you are done with the research, next is to hunt for the brand name, this is what your customers will remember so it is important to have a good brand name that has high recall-ability. So look for the good domain name, yes it is difficult to find a good one but you can always look for it. Also, check our guide to our 10 tips to find a good domain name.


Next important thing is to finalize on the ready-made classified software here are ten points you need to be looking in the classified software

a) It should be easy to install.
b) It should be easy to customize on the home page.
c) It should be easy to handle at least three levels of categories.
d) The classified script should be able to handle it based on locations
e) It should be user-friendly when posting ads.
f) There should be options to upgrade to paid ads or premium enhancements
g) There should be banners area for additional revenues.
h) It should integrate with the payment gateway like PayPal.
i) As you grow you should have the ability to upgrade to the bespoke design.
j) It should be SEO friendly

Make sure to take demo of classified software before finalizing on the software.

Hosting & SSL

Once you are done with software based on the requirements look for good web hosting . The easy & fast hosting could be deal breaker for the sucess of the website. We would recommend to start with at least VPS Hosting. Only if your budget is limited opt for the linux shared hosting.

As people would be communicating over the internet while posting ad & login in the website. We would recommend to enhance the website security with the SSL, this adds to the cost but we would highly recommend to have one.
Classified Business Strategy

Once you are done with the classified website figure out which business model you would like to opt for the classified website. Freemium, Membership or Paid Ads are most popular business models. You can read more about business models.

Marketing Classified Website

Once you are done with the setup the most important to make your classified website successful is the marketing.

a) Optimize your classified website for SEO
b) Setup social account for the classified website & start optimizing it.
c) Find the top poster in other website and ask them to post them on your website.
d) Start the blog & create community around it.
e) Figure our low cost PPC adwords, allocate the budget and go after it.
g) Track conversions with one metric to go after
h) Now update & modify for the best
i) Generate content so more organic content could be build upon
j) To track use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster

Making can be classified website all alone it could be challenge but when you have proper classified script that can help you with your business plan. Get back to use about your classified website project details & make sure to ask for ready classifeid website demo.

Website Designer vs Website Builder – Are You Confused Business

desiger-buliderA Client from Florida called me stating he is confused & overwhelmed if he should be looking to hire a website designer from India or using DIY Cheap website builders available all over the Internet.He said his existing website hosting provider was actively promoting the website builders.

Let me go with cheap website builders

He further stated he had already tried WIX, Godaddy Builders & Squarespace. He stated he was impressed with templates & drag/drop was looking great earlier. But at the end he was really confused with builders. so he had approached us if we could help with it. Well it is not just a particular business faces a problem but most business faces this as a problem. Most people opt for the cheap looking approach that is going for the DIY Website Builders.

Problem with Website builders

Problem with website builders is website that should look professional end up looking cookie cutter, un-professional. Most important you end up losing a valuable brand image & time.So when it comes to your business look’s where sales have to be done or leads have to be captured you need to hire a professional website designer that can coordinate your website project to your requirement. If required guide you on website marketing.

So when should you hire a website designer

You can identify your business need before you hire a website designer. Just put down some points that you can give to website designer as scope of your requirement.

Say for example here is scope of dental website would be like this

01: Attractive website design
02: Talk about services we offer
03: People should be able to ask questions
04: Google Map for locations
05: Ability to ask for appointments
06: Mailing list integration for sending coupons or newsletters

You can draft a similar scope for your business on the above guidelines. Send it to website designer asking us about similar work he has done. This will give you the idea of various things like previous work the designer has done, communication skills, if required give a call to website designer ask few questions about your project or other projects he has done.

5 things you should be talking with website designer when hiring

  • Existing portfolio
  • Which CMS do they plan to use
  • Budget and hidden cost if any
  • Copyrights who has it what
  • Final deliverable file format should be editable
  • Do they have maintenance plans

CMS is the most important thing you should be talking about. Which CMS you should be using & why they plan to use the one. Well we at makeyoursoftware prefer using WordPress. We consider WordPress CMS ideal for business of all sizes. WordPress has huge ecosystem around it lot of website designer & developers are easily available. With CMS you get a power to handle day to day requirements of website yourselves. So make sure your website designer has included CMS Integration in the proposal. Make sure it is popular as WordPress.

Talk to your web site frankly about the cost, give your idea or scope of your budget. Be clear that should not be hidden cost involved. Ask them how will they handle modifications or changes if any. Will they provide copyrights for the file & logos in the editable format so that you can use it for later modification. Most important do they have maintenance plans that covers your backup, minor modifications & other update which may be required.

So when you are looking your business website you should not be settling for cheap website design options but affordable website design option, that makes a sense. Send us your business website scope we can work out the win-win proposal for your business.

3 Questions About Starting A Classified Website

3-questionLast time we posted about the Classified business models based on that post we received a question from few prospective customer. John from Dallas asked three major questions, as he was planning to start a classified website. He was already ready to start with the classified website.

He already purchased a domain based on our checklist & was quiet pumped about everything. He posted us a three most frank question. Most of the business/startup’s would have while starting the website or building the portal.

Just a brief & disclaimer we at MakeYourSoftware provide PHP script based online classified software. The software has been built with capability to handle unlimited categories, ads, packages, enhancements, banners & several other features. For complete feature list of ad software visit the page.

a) Is Classified ad market online going to survive

Every year worldwide the audience reach is expanding online with Mobile & Internet reaching the wide audience, the growth has been multifolds. Classified has world’s fastest growing markets that is what attract world biggest companies like ebay, craigslist, Gumtree, OLX, Rocket Internet, WOC & Several others.

Further business want to always reach their audience fast & there must be some place where people can post goods or unused goods online. Classified becomes a broker between the buyers and sellers. This is classical marketplace which has been around since inception of business. So if business are going to be online, classified marketplaces are also going to be there.

b) Let me have craigslist clone or backpage clone exactly

There are lot of readymade clones available in the market. Targeting as craigslist clone, Backpage clone, Gumtree clone. It is good idea to start pre-made website, but starting with the clone is a bad idea. Pre-made website is the infrastructure that saves you time & money on which you can innovate and build upon. But clone gives a wrong perception to user about the original website lacks the innovation culture, also end users also perceives same experience from the old website. So ideal way is to have pre made website from vendor like ours and then innovate on it via designing new classified website or template or custom building some features to the market requirement. This makes you stands out you in a market & your chance of success increases.

c) Classified website builder or WordPress CMS what should I prefer

WordPress is very good platform even our website makeyoursoftware uses it. It is a wonderful CMS but it is not the classified website builder.Wordpress is good at some thing but it is not good at building classified website, as it has not been made to do so. So even with best plugins its does not work out. When you are planning the business you need to have robust platform that is primary built to serve online Classified ad Website.

Once you are ready with domain & hosting – the next thing you need to look is classified software for starting a classified website.Our classified ad website software is available for real estate property, automobile or car marketplace & Several other.

You can know more about Classified Advertising on Wikipedia.


Need A Website

Need a business website imageMost business while they approach us are still trying to figure out if they need a website.

A business from SanDiego approached us asking if they need a website they are evaluating:
eek! 2017 – Still evaluating, Well it good you should always ask



As a business you need to always ask this question frequently:

Most small business juggle between their daily business requirements & urgent stuff. So most business put the most important needed marketing need “a website” to last priority.

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question,

but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’

Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder)

A Website these days is no longer luxury item but these days a website means new business, more satisfied customers. Today with this post we try to help business who are self-evaluating their business needs.

It is 2017 People are using less yellow pages & more Internet to reach the business. Mobile searches have risen to all time high with trillion plus searches happening online. So there are lot of customer looking for the business online. It is more than ever…

Some business think when it comes to identity Facebook Page is enough, There you are already dominated by a powerful brand Facebook, It means you can easily be lost out in the crowd. So before you start promoting anywhere, get yourself an identity. Start with having the domain name, Look at this post we wrote 10 tips for a good domain name. Once you have great domain next thing is evaluating your requirement. Here are some points that can help reach & achieve your business goals

Reason 1# – Website Provides Permanent Identity

Website is your identity online. It is a place your customer can reach any time. It can showcase yourself, no matter how you have changed over the time. Your identity online gives trust to your customers. When you design, update, modify your website it enhances your identity:

When you have the strong identity – your stakeholders (vendors, employees, customers, contractors) trust you.

Reason 2# – Website Builds Your Brand & Exposes The Brand

As you create an identity. You also create brand for your business. Making it different & more trustworthy.

Website speaks for the business itself. If the website agency can put in the desired character of brand via colors, UI, Content & Call to action.

A properly crafted website can communicate to users more effectively, this can affect your business volume directly.

Reason 3# – Website is 24/7

Website being online it is 24/7:

Your customers can reach your business any time, they can see your product and services. They can further explore as well. More the descriptive you are more it will benefit you.

In short website is at work even when you are not.

Reason 4# – Reach

Website has the ability to reach places & to the people whom you can not think of reaching otherwise. Most important these customers can reach you in their comfort. With reach increasing you can even sell products to customers online.

Reason 5# – Sell Online

With audience growing bigger selling online is a great extension for existing business. This is dream come true for most business with low investments you can have a website that sell online & takes payments. Company like amazon.com sell billion dollars+ worth of goods all over the world.

Here are another set of reason you can do with your website

  • Have a online brochure
  • save your money & time
  • Get customer feedback
  • Sell online
  • Get Donations
  • Educate customers
  • Support your customers
  • Marketing online

With reach you can have section on website to gather feedback, booked an appointment, get donations, provide more effective support, educate customers, ask for testimonial or referral. You just need to be creative with your reach so you can serve prospects & existing customer equally in better way.

You still need reasons if you need a website

Well with the above list gives you enough reasons to have a website for yourself or your business. Just get in touch with us we can help you with website packages & custom business need of yours.

Contact us for your Business Website .

Once you ready to make your website, next thing is required is to choose Website Hosting, Website Platform (eg: WordPress)& Website Budget you would like to work with. We recommend to talk to professional vendors like ours, so that you have technical expertise & direct help in choosing the platform. Vendor like ours has 15+ years of experience in helping business to create a website.


3 Business Models For Your Classified Website, Which One For You ?

Classified-Banner-It was a regular business day for us , We had been busy with classified website clients. Here this evening a prospective client from Seattle approached us for the making the classified website. She was all set to go. Most of the stuff was finalized.One of the questions that came up was what kind of business model is required for the new classified website.

Here is an idea we came up to put the blog post so all users could benefit from the knowledge. Just to let you know we provide “classified script” for business.It is normal for us to provide business consulting for new individual business & startups approach us. During the course of time, we have identified certain successful business model for classified ad industry.

Membership Classified Website Model

This is very good extension if you already have customer list who is already associated you can upgrade your list for membership model where by you can charge your customers based on yearly or monthly format.This kind of business model works very well in specialized niches (eg: Job , real estate) where user has to post lot of ads through out the year. You has a business become viable model as revenue start coming in fast & regularly.

Fixed Classified Website Business Model

Fixed classified website business model is popular with most big classified website ad website like olx or cragislist or kiiji or gumtree.Here users are charge to specfic rate based on classified ad, further they are offered packages for classified enhancements of bumps.Here the revenue for business unstable, but there is an option for customer to post ad free or cost or pay for premium services. The service is very good where your customer bases to grow & certain customer enters your payment funnel.
Freemium or Free Ads Classified Business Model

The freemium model is yet another popular business model, users post free classified ads, this model grows fast & attract users because of its nature. The website earns from the banner advertising. There are several banner networks that can help to generate revenue.

What is best

Answer is challenging , no particular business model is clear winner each business model has bunch of winners & losers. It also depends upon on niche, maturity of the market, funding availability, geography & several others factors.

Our classified software is best in class & can be easily be moulded for winner classified website. For instant demo please get back to us.

New matrimonial website template free with our matrimonial script.

It has been 2016 lot has updated in terms of design, search engine requirements. We at makeyoursoftware constantly believe that it is important to have a new avatar so is our matrimonial script is being packaged with new design in client & admin side. New avatar is embedded with flat design, clear CTA, Bold Colors & mobile readiness.

Just upload your banding elements from the admin & you are ready to go.