Asset Management Software

The Fixed, Physical & Digital Asset Management Software

Any business small or big can not afford to loose in the assets. Asset Manager is a web based software solutions with unlimited users interaction. The software manager complete lifecyle of the software. Our software is lightweight and easy to install on the server & can be integrated with the Intranet. The software is developed on php/mysql.

Asset Management Software – Benefits
  • Tracks Assets check in & check out
  • Manages vendors & contracts
  • Complete view of your assets
  • Save on time, overheads,replacement, lost &  capital costs
  • Track all assets allocated to employees
Asset Management Software – Features

Asset Dashboard (Bird eye view of all assets)
Multi contacts ( Employees & Vendors )
Multi assets handling
Bulk upload the assets
Manage complete asset life cycle
– Check in/out of asset
– Service log of asset
– Asset status
– Asset Audit
– Asset Depreciation
– Generate Bardcode Labels
– Manage all media files to assets
– List of Employees
– List of Vendors
– List of Assets
– List of Loaned Assets
– List of Depreciated Assets
– Check in/out of Assets
– Service update
– Audit report
– Manual audit sheet

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