Online SEO

Keeping in touch with your existing customers, potensial customers, website visitors is critcal part of web marketing. And our newsletter software helps to this at fraction of cost. And the best we understand the business needs, each business has different needs so are needs of the marketing.So we offer customization for the software.

Our Customized Software helps you with following

  • Maintaing Subscribing & Unsubsrbing the Email Lists
  • Maintain under various categories
  • Sort the list as per the list parameters
  • PreDevelop & customized newsletter design in template manager
  • Specialized setting to customize various part of email
  • Send emails in batches , takes fraction of time
  • Has unique Stats tools to measure the effectiveness of each newsletter campaign is strong believer of ethical marketing & condems SPAMing. Please do not cosider this software for spamming. The software is ideal tool to savvy internet marketer who is looking for good electronic email campaign software

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