Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance Checklist


a) Check all information pages
b) Check all dynamic pages
c) If site is huge , take handful of data , check core pages
d) Check API,Payment Gateway,Social Feeds, Banner Code
e) Check all form , register dummy users
f) Check on all browsers
g) Check entire flow of website including ecommerce transaction
h) Check content expiry (time-sensitive content )
i) Check google analytics, Site Speed, CDN, Sitemap
j) Perform a mobile check
k) Check all emails
m) Use google webmaster tools & google analytics for maintenance operations
for identifying flaws & friction on the website
n) Backup of the website(Site & Content)

This is generic checklist this may differ in each project. we recommend to get it customized as per your requirement of the website.

Maintenance report should be highlight & few screenshots of how site is working. What was handled & what was out of scope of the project that needs to be handled should be reviewed.There may be some interesting findings that operation team may have it. Check it & get it implement it.