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Search Engines generates 200 Million ClickTraffic every day which means major traffic is generated by search engines, that means upto 68% traffic generated on Internet (Figures by International Data Corporation or IDC) and to add more TOP Twenty Search Engines Compromises 80% of traffic generated on search engines. That does not means rest search engines are to be left out, but these search engines are Portals of Specific Industries or are leading country portals. For a company with a product even these search engines could play major role.

Search Engines in past allowed to submit FREE, but now as these Search Engines have become Paid or Partly Paid. Even the Paid Submission to search engines are not gurannted for the result. An Expert is required to handle it in a proper manner. Now when it comes to paying an expert most of the people get a back seated, not realising the amount they would be saving just by paying few bucks, the expert will guarantee certain listing on the search engines.
Taking a simple example

Suppose you want your site to 500 Search Engines, to submit on each site you may require at least 2 minutes submitting to each engine that means 500 X 2 = 1000 Minutes, that comes to 16 Hours and if submsissions have to be made 12 times in a year then 16 Hours Every Month have to be spend, still no guarantee of results after spending 192 precious business hours and more you spent similar on Internet connection that means somethingh around and electricity.Plus you missed to submit to Directories, News Groups and FFA.

Why an Search Engine Expert™ is required ? What does he do ?

An Search Engine Expert™ is Higly Tecnho-Business Consultant at Tradecart, with detailed knowledge of Internent Marketing on Search Engine.
First Expert get back to the basic that is website, it checks the tiles, develop catchy keywords and descriptions. Develops key pages to do register on engines, the Expert uses his Search Engine Specific algorithm knowledge to get register on the Search Engines Deploys special and updated knowledge on the registration to be made. Gurantees Certain Listings Also registers in News Groups, FFA and Direcories . No black hat techniques used.

We can plan for complete yearly plan for SEO Promotions, please get in touch with a budget.

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