Franchise Software

Business who would like to grow to establish the franchisee channel in their company first step forward to is establishing the web based Franchise Software – that takes care of most day to day business operations.

Franchise Software – Get business a growth engine

We at MakeYourSoftware bespoke or custom develop the franchise software depending upon the business needs a franchise software could share lot of business needs instant & decrease the human intervention to the lowest level.

A web based franchise software system can share online support system, online order processing, sharing knowledge, maintaining compliance, live inventory, franchisee commissions calculation, franchise CRM system. This could be enhanced with various internal application that could be developed as per the requirement.

For Examples

Hardware distributor wanted a warranty registration application that could track dates.

Promotional product manufacturer wanted a wholesale buying system with ability of different pricing for different customers .

Service provider wanted to handle prepaid deposit for franchise users to make a transaction that was to be developed as per the requirement, a proper alert near balance getting about to finish.

Send us the project details to our email address & discuss with us. We can help you with the project. Please contact us for free consulting.

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