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PPC or New Generation Performance based Internet Marketing. PPC advertising is one of the most affordable marketing options available to businesses. You need a proper planning & a business strategy to get a maximum return from PPC Campaign. It is important to generate adequate leads or good conversion rate.
Important Tips of PPC Campaign

1. You may be spending small, but you spend it wisely – Hire a Professional it will pay. You need to spend on regular bases, so it is better to have yearlong strategy with Fixed Monthly Budget, with a scope of rise in budget if required like in times of Holidays or at time of Important Seasons.

2. Get your Ad Prepared well, as this will decide the conversion rate. Your headline should attract, and the other part of the text should be able to convert the viewer to make a click.

3. Second get to basics – Get your landing page designed it well. Once you get the click directed to your website it is must that lead gets converted to lead. Small things like Fast loading, Easy Viewing, No Errors or No Bad Links, Forms & Applications should be working, check them on regular basis and make sure they are working.

4. Do a proper Keyword research before starting campaign, there are several reports & tools available or leave up to an expert. It is most important to have correct keyword, a wrong keyword could ruin your entire campaign. Say for example: A ring manufacturer used ring as keyword, the campaign management software showed it in even at the keyword like “Lord of Rings” (Oscar Winner Hollywood Movie). At that time it was a Hit Movie. Entire campaign amount was spent in few hours with nil conversion rates. Immediately that manufacturer took of the campaign, he immediately approached us for a professional research.

5. Do not get into Bidding War – Know what is right for you Bidding War could be just dangerous, a bid is correct only at correct price; some thing preferred by others may not be the correct for you. So know what is correct for you.

6. Track the Clicks Most of the search engine provides a method to track the conversion rate. It is very important to know it. At earlier stage you can start with at least Weekly check of Web Stats.

7. Check regularly the PPC Program Reports, Do what is required Keywords important but lower conversion rates can be disabled Keywords with higher chance of conversion rate could be outbid as per the strategy.
Some Key Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Impression?
Ans. Impressions are total number of times the ad is shown on the search engine

Q. What is CTR?
Ans. CTR is Click thru rate, it is calculate using total number of impressions & total number in Click, and It is displayed in “ %” (Percentage)

Q. What should be the cost of the bid?
Ans. The most important thing to know before starting your PPC campaign is how much you can afford to bid for a keyword. High traffic keywords on Overture and Google – the leading PPC providers – can cost $5.00 per click for a top ranking. Can you afford that?
Consider this: the typical e-commerce site converts about 2% of its visitors. That means you need to bring 50 visitors to your site before you make a sale. At $5.00 per click, you’ll spend $250 dollars to generate one sale. Ouch!

Keep in mind that you usually want one of the top 3 listings for a keyword. These are the listings distributed to most of the PPC engine’s partner sites. For example, a #3 ranking on Overture will place your listing on Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista. A #7 listing won’t appear on any of these search engines.

So you’re caught in a catch-22 situation you want a high PPC ranking to get traffic, but the top rankings for popular words are too expensive.

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