We passed majority of the year . Trends are clearly coming up & showing up. We have shortlisted few trends we clearly see at MakeYourSoftware as evolving trends. So keep learning & upgrade your self with the trending requirements. These trends will touch base marketing, development, design , UI & mostly all web community. 

a) Social Trends

Brands will need to give more value , more experience to user to attract. Twitter, Pin-interest will grow even faster as they become huge. Facebook, LinkedIn will continue to lead in their segments.Companies will have to find ways and means to connect. Simply link giving will not work. More innovations will come from these companies to get the top slot. It will be more of emotions & connect on social platforms.


b) Flat Designs are not going away – They will expand

Flat designs will continue to lead in early 2016 , they are here to stay they will not go away as they are great at scaling , easy to read on mobile. Flat design will become more compatible with responsiveness, material design & minimalism.You will find more long images, shadows, vibrant colors, clean UI to be added more in the design trends.

c) Material Design

Last year google added material design framework, this was added silently but it has clearly got the attention from major designers & most predict that this would clearly define a major trend in the future. We highly recommend to check this out. It is also light weight.

d) HTML5

HTML5 is growing and will continue to grow on all devices. More and more technologies from HTML 5 will become popular and grow faster. HTML 5 technologies like Geoloaction, APP-Cache, SSE, Canvas, Audio, Video & several more.

e) Javscript

Java-scripts are fast invading the web environment. It is one the most fastest trends it is catching up. with Rest API are way ahead for the development may it be backend or frontend. Frameworks like Angular, React, Node, Express are making inward in design & development communities.


f) Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Several media companies and google have come together for developing mobile friendly pages that loads fast  & increases the engagement rate. The have comeup set of tags that could be used in upgraded html. The number of media companies understand the low engagement issues on mobile pages. This will soon be main stream trend in near future.

g) Gif animation trend a bit older trends, these days trends has already picked and used to express in articles and more engaging content. It is also used in comments as well. Giphy.com has been fast rising start of this kind of animation. Site has been estimated to be worth of billion dollars. so next time you are writing the article do not forget to use gif animation


 Keep checking our website more update on trends.