postblog1Client approached us for us to build a classified website. Classified website that was for the business in USA who were looking to market the products in South Africa. Africa being growing market it is favorites of USA Manufacturers & Traders. Primary industry that was been at target was construction & Engineering Equipment Manufacturers and Traders. Industry is worth several billions of dollars and has high-ticket size of equipments – making lucrative for business to put products.
Challenges faced
Started with regular classified website the client increased the scope by adding directory & occasionally put up the auction as well. Another challenges was importing of data from various sources, each of user was coming with huge list of products and inventory that they would like to showcase some in XML & CSV.
We took all challenges to make the website in action. Team at makeyoursoftware was to work out primary wireframe & designs were approved with the client. We went ahead to build the project. Project time was two months. Project was successful completed & some add-ons were achieved at later dates.
Features achievedpostblog2

  • Home page featuring several products
  • Home page featuring categories.
  • Some categories handling 20000+ products
  • Event Calendar
  • Search for inventory of products available
  • Search for directory of dealers
  • Special package for dealers to list several hundred items
  • Ability to feature auctions
  • SEO friendly page of important African countries, category pages, inventory display pages
  • Site was done in English & French

Start your own classified website

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