postblog4It started with a vision to help business in Ireland, Dublin. Client wanted to start with Dublin & then grow into other parts of Ireland.The site plans to capture small, medium size traders, service providers, dealers, agents who would like to capitalize on internet ecommerce boom happening in Ireland.Plan was to star a classified website with focus on ability to sell. Ireland is growing country in Europe & due to its business friendly policy has attracted business & startups from the world over. Ireland has some growing competesion in online classified marketplace other popular site include,, &

Process started to come up with classified website design, a wireframe was created based on requirement. Then designers came up with the unique classified website design, before a final mockup could be agreed upon couple of modification was required. Web design came up awesome & client liked as well.  Next came the selection of programming language. PHP5+ & MySQL became ideal choice to move ahead. Site came up in stipulated time, some testing was carried, some new features where introduced to make it more tradable features for small business.

Whole list of categories were introduced. Then it was extended to shop where shop owners can sell their products, further the money would be credited to their paypal account. So classified cum Shop website was introduced. Being an Ireland internet savvy market the site has huge market. Site seems useful for small & medium business who would like to sell their product & services. Site is to benefit small time dealers.Site was structured in SEO friendly page where by location, category & shop profile page were introduced.

We at took the challenge hand in hand with the client’s team. After initial design pages client approved the flow & further an estimated time frame the project was build upon.Certain features where introduced in mid of demo preview and some features where extended after completion of the project.


  • Home page featured include popular, random, just listed
  • Home page has search engine with options for location & category
  • Several categories and sub categories
  • Seo friendly location pages
  • Seperate shop page with various options
  • Seo friendly display page
  • Seo friendly shop owners page
  • Ability with custom checkout option & inventory sold out option
  • Special enhancement options for paid users
  • Special shop packages for the business to multiple ads
  • Multiple ads upload option
  • Ability to put banner ads

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