Paypal has been prominent business player in online payment gateway. Its dominance in the market has increased over the time. After ebay acquiring the gateway has become popular further, as major ebay community has started accepting the service.

Further paypal being leader in the field has been able to offer qualitative service, better security, and easy integration with the website. Comfort level with buyers has also been high then any other payment gateway has credit card is not revealed to the seller. This has further accelerated the popularity of Paypal. Paypal offers clear advantage to USA/UK small business, following are few benefits.

No initial setup fees – This provides small business easy entry into ecommerce arena at no cost.

No SSL requirement – Paypal has certificates installed on its own server so security is not the concern with paypal. Further small businesses are saved from the certificate cost.

Easy to integrate in the website – Its dedicated support , detailed manuals , sample codes, easy code generators, open support forums makes easy to integrate in website. Being widely accepted therefore is popular with wide community of developers.

Easy administrative handling –The detailed administrative site offers unique advantage for small business to mange the transactions. The entire interface is friendly & easy to use.

Competitive transaction costs – The transactions cost offered are quiet competitive & bearable by small business. It has been major reason for the popularity. It is neither cheap & neither exorbitant, competitive enough to help decision maker to make a choice. offers all its products with paypal integration. The payment gateway comes by default integrated in to all the products available. The major software’s that are popular with the paypal payment gateway are following

Further offers quality paypal custom development as per the customer requirement in PHP. Further to know more about services please feel free to reach us.

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