In our last series of article we talked about how marriage bureau business model is transforming in the Internet age, how big is the opportunity, how we at MakeYourSoftware are helping existing business as new business to realize the online dreams with our Matrimonial Script – Ideal software for running and managing online marriage bureau business.

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Tradional Business Model of Marriage Bureau

Our software transforms offline marriage bureau to sophisticated online matrimonial website business. Our software digitizes the data of profiles, provide powerful search with various filters & preferences. Further the software promotes self service for the users. There are inbuilt communication tools to initiate contact between the members.Further software has ability to handle website membership, integrated payment gateway , pre-generated Invoices ready to print. Most important our software opens up the new avenues of revenues like banner advertising, wedding directory, profile enhancement & verification packages.

New Age Business Model of Distributing & Growing with Matrimonial Franchise Online

Our newest extension of Franchise enables or completely transforms the matrimonial business to next level, It gives an ability to systematize your successful business model and share with new partners via franchise business model. Our Matrimonial Script takes care of the unique database creation via franchise Further backed complex model takes care of revenues sharing for revenue generated by a franchise. Software takes care of the commission reports and gives a separate login to franchise as well.

Franchise PHP Matrimonial Script Solution from MakeYourSoftware

MakeYourSoftware a leading brand in Online Web based software, It provides solution to this unique opportunity & a complex problem . Software has been made simple for business to manage this wide opportunity via providing Online Software solution. MakeYourSoftware provides PHP Matrimonial Script ideal for running matrimonial business. Software gives ability to generated revenues from multiple sources further an new extension provides franchise creation facility. Giving a ability to create business beyond boundaries.

Coming Up – Different streams of revenues from Online Matrimonial Business

In coming blog post we continue to talk about matrimonial business and various ways to generate revenue from online website – Subscribe to our RSS & keep tuned


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