After lot of planning & man hours a website goes live. Lot of efforts is put from development, marketing side of the project.At times no proper handover is planned for the team who is going to take over the project.Clients normally handover to their team with new CMS in Places. An employee who is already loaded is with the work gets involved. He needs to learn the entire stuff & get it running. Whole lot of is at stake when it comes to caring or maintaining a website. Which seems to be extremely important task is totally ignored.

Website design & development today is complex it involves lot of different agencies working together. A small ecommerce website selling one product may involve front-end designer, website developer, website hosting, CDN service provider, Multiple API provider, Multiple open source plugin provider. So if any body updates chances of other provider flawing are equally high based on upgrade of others. We forgot the browsers upgrade in the above list. One could imagine if you are ignoring the website maintenance chances are you may be at extreme high risk. You are leaving your business open to flawed, that cost you in terms of SEO,User Experience, Missed Transaction , Goodwill & several other parameters.

Website maintenance – Ignore it you will pay heavy

Website maintenance or caring is required may it be small/medium or big website. The level of caring may be different based on the website.Based on the website has been developed it is required a proper agenda is prepared for the team taking care of the website project. It is recommend a proper report/checklist is developed to handle this tasks. Ignoring can leave loop pole in flow & cost of ignorance could be heavy. We have seen the website form failing on the website. After six months of the development , why a simple hosting service provider made a upgrade or CMS upgrade has put it to fault.

Small/Medium or Big website each one should have plan

Small website running Open source CMS like of wordpress, may require checking updates & updating plugins. It is common may it be open source development or custom development flaws are part of any operations. They have to be know and patched it fast.The time you need to spend may be less but it has to be spent. We recommend you receive a Maintenance report every month, so you know what has been done and if some thing is highlighted by maintenance team that need to be looked it could be taken care.

A bigger website may whole bigger agenda on the place for maintenance of the website.We recommend test entire flow including ecommerce transactions including payment gateway on regular intervals.

Check our common website maintenance checklist is just a guideline we recommend it get a plan prepared by our website development team. Feel free to get in to touch with us.

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