We had been in the business of website design & development since 10+ years most questions have remain the
same from when we had started with first website designing. We have been working with several thousands of clients but questions from ahmedabad based small business or arizona based business or london based business remain the same, yes few things change.

Six of our most favourite questions our customers ask

  • What is the price of website
  • Will my website will be available in america ( :D LOL)
  • I just need one page now tell me the cost
  • I have paid for website, now why i have to pay for the Web Hosting
  • You are just designing it is easy. Even my son or brother he is engineer he can do it .
  • I am an NRI, Just busy but wanted to know if you can do & compare for price.

Any of those or most of the questions that comes in we just have to laugh around it to answer them, So i wanted to give a try & write a blog post on the same. So customers can prepare themselves before approaching us, that does mean we would not answer all those queries we would love to answer them as these insights has helped us to grow in business we are today.

Price of Website Design

What is the price of website designing has been the most favourite question our customers ask no matter they are from which place Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, London, Boston, Sydney, Glendale. Just any where
Pricing of website depends on various factors & your business needs. Simply approaching for getting the lowest visible is the biggest blunder you can do to create a website. We have detailed questionnaire to get to know your business before we can decide upon the price.Pricing depends upon the how many domain you want, what kind of hosting you want, What kind of website you want. Just to give a thought we develop more than 25 various styles of website. So unless we know your business how we are suppose to quote you. Ideal way to ask for a quote is to give a brief about your business & products that is basic to start with

Website are available world wide

when website is hosted they are available worldwide may it be America, Africa, Canada, UK or Australia. So by having the website you are exposing your business to world wide audience.This is most important benefit for small business who are looking to take business in international arena.Various of our clients have grown with the leads they get from the their website.

I know i need a one page website

One page website are mostly useless, unless you have agenda to market those website heavily to generate leads with a big budget.So we do not recommend it, According to us a client should 10 pages website a minimum with home, Profile, Team, Product or Services (3-4 pages),Certifications, Testimonials, Contact with MAP, Inquiry Form , Sitemap. Well a business need to look as they are, having complete website gives a customer a confidence. Further google also looks for the website that have all the information and should be properly targeted. We at makeyoursoftware can help you with the content also if required.

I have to pay for web hosting

Yes you will have to pay for the website hosting it is specialized computer on highend internet network connected worldwide.It is most important part of the website. Most companies pay for small shared hosting. We always recommend cloud or VPN hosting. It is responsible how many people can view the website at a particular time.

We have a friend who can do it.

Yes it is true a friend, brother or son can do it but he is not finally doing it that is why you have approached us. You know that we are professional are daily work is dealing with website. So let us go ahead with it, your choice is correct.

Yes we can do Website Design and we are not cheap

Yes we are running a website designing agency, we can do it most of the work but at times we can do it as well as resources may be very busy on pre scheduled work, tell us about your work , let us estimate the work schedule & then only we can confirm if we can do it. Regarding the pricing we are are not cheap website design company, but we are not the costliest as well. Our rates are competitive as we survive global marketplace where we compete globally for various work.So you can accept a unique affordable quote from us.

We love your questions , so if you have one just drop a line we would love to hear from you.